The Idea

Markus took photos of faces in every day objects and created The Mettas to help children to become even happier, more compassionate and kinder.


Naming each character and adding their personality traits and quirks before going on to design The Mettas brand ready to be developed further.


For The Mettas to help children develop meditative and mindful techniques in a fun way through stories and animations.

Mark Baker

Markus Baker

Designer and Creator

Markus’ previous career as a Nursery Nurse along with his current role as a Graphic artist with a degree in visual communication provides the foundation for this project.

Whilst travelling the world in 2015 Markus found faces in everyday objects which were then adapted into the Metta characters you see before you on this website.

Creating the brand, their transport and food all followed before establishing the creative partnership with Adam, which enabled the Mettas to take another step forward.

Adam Galvin

Adam Galvin

Author & Creative Development

Adam is a Qualified Primary School Teacher, working in Lincolnshire since 2006 with a degree in Fine Art.

A talented photo-realistic artist and creative thinker with an interest in self-improvement and the mind. Adam has the perfect mix for this creative project which combines all his strengths from his Teaching, Art and Psychotherapy backgrounds.

Adam’s focus on creating stories that are both fun and educational have enabled the Mettas to grow and take the next step to becoming published and animated.

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The Mettas

So far so good…

…we have the characters, their personalities, transport, food, theme tune and what they can teach children about mindfulness, love and kindness as well as the brand identity called ‘The Mettas’.

The Mettas are kind, caring and gentle. Each has an ordinary, yet amazing, superpower that helps us all become more compassionate, understanding and loving.

With mindfulness and kindness being of the utmost importance on Calma Island, the gender of each little Metta matters little. For this reason, all the stories are written in a gender-neutral way.

If you are a literary agent or publisher who’s interested in working with Mark and Adam to take the Mettas forward, please do get in touch.

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Future Ideas

The Mettas have the potential to expand into many areas including books, toys, merchandise, animation, clothing and much more.

Let’s do something great and make this happen!

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Meet The Mettas Video

Play the video to say hello to all of the Mettas.

The above video animation and voiceover by Mark with the theme tune created and performed by Adam. Listen to the theme tune below.

Say HelloMeet The Mettas

Brand Expansion Ideas

With faces in everyday objects being found almost anywhere additional characters and logos can be created for any partner brands. Providing the opportunity to develop a working relationship with many other companies and brands. Some examples are demonstrated below:

If you can help take The Mettas to the next level then please do…

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The Characters


…about The Mettas for you to download.


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