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…we have the characters, their personalities, transport, food and what they can teach children about mindfulness, love and kindness as well as the brand identity called ‘The Mettas’.

The Mettas are kind, caring and gentle. Each has an ordinary, yet amazing, superpower that helps us all become more compassionate, understanding and loving.

With mindfulness and kindness being of the utmost importance on Calma Island, the gender of each little Metta matters little. For this reason, all the stories are written in an asexual, gender neutral way.

If you are a literary agent or publisher who’s interested in working with Mark and Adam to take the Mettas forward, please do get in touch.

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The Mettas

Listen Carefully Moppy

Scoot shares with Moppy how to listen to others and helps us learn more about ourselves.

When Scoot needs to really concentrate and listen Scoots ears move forward.

To learn more about The Mettas or to help us published please do get in touch.

Ina Rush

Always rushing around makes Ina sad.

Gee and the other Mettas help Ina to pay attention, slow down and focus. Making Ina a much happier Metta.

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Lens, Bright Side

Lens always see the best in everything that happens.

With Scoot and 4 balloons, Lens shows us how to be grateful for what we already have when we lose something.

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Scoot Likes to Listen

We only learn when we listen. We can’t learn when we are speaking.

Join Scoot on a listening adventure around Calma Island to learn how to listen with your ears.

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Pareidolia: Faces in everyday objects

This first Paredolia book shares the faces of everyday objects which inspired the creation of The Mettas.

If love finding faces in everyday objects and you would like them to appear in a future addition of the Paredolia book you can by sending them from this page.

The Characters

Having created the first 4 books with Metta characters ready to have their story told.

Meet the MettasSay Hello

Future Characters

With faces for future Mettas being discovered in everyday objects, it is simple to add additional characters. Some faces ready to be illustrated into new characters are shown below.

Future Ideas

The Mettas have the potential to expand in to many areas including books, toys, merchandise, animation, clothing and much more.

Brand Expansion Ideas

With faces in everyday objects being found almost anywhere additional characters and logos can be created for any partner brands. Providing the opportunity to develop a working relationship with many other companies and brands. Some examples are demonstrated below:

If as a literary agent or publisher you feel you can support the Mettas please do…

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